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Izaiyah Brightwell - Lowie

Izaiyah Brightwell - Lowie

“I was selected by the Principal at school in Kawakawa to take part in a two day trial for this course and I came on board after that. The trial included a Ki o Rahi tournament and some CrossFit at the gym.”

“The best part of the course is doing the physical training at the gym and that includes learning to study measurements and performance. It’s a discipline for me to get here in the mornings but once you set your mind, then you’re sweet. I love being here.”

“The other students in our course are all around the same age and we’re all into the same things. Doing this will change my life by helping me to be more physical, have better nutrition, be healthier and live a longer life.”

“I’d love to get more people up and moving and doing more physical things in their life.”

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