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Ian Page - Civil Engineering

Ian Page - Civil Engineering

“With all the new building and roading development in our region, now seemed a good time to step into civil engineering. Previously sport was my main driver and I did fill-in jobs to support it. I was helping run the Aquatic Centre before enrolling for this course.”

“I have two uncles who are civil engineers so I know it’s a viable career and I knew it was what I wanted to do but I kept putting it off. Studying part time makes this possible for me because I can continue to work. When I started the course I was working at the pool but then an opportunity came up for a cadetship with an engineering firm. It’s great to be working in the industry already but I have to be sharp with my time management to fit in work and study.”

 “I’d been away from study for nine years so wasn’t sure how I’d cope but it’s a lot easier than I thought because the tutors are easy going and make it enjoyable. They are smart with industry experience and we get the added advantage of other specialist professionals coming in on certain topics. One of the best parts of the course is that there is now a new engineering lab up and running where we can do practical things like concrete testing and hydraulic flow reading.”

“I feel really fortunate to have a job in engineering already so when I finish the course I hope to be able to continue there. At the moment I’m working in asset management but there will be other areas to explore. I’m keen on roading at the moment and longer term I may go on to do an engineering degree.”

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