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Emma Snell - Visual Arts

Emma Snell - Visual Arts

“I love the idea of Whangarei becoming a creative community so I want to encourage all of us to invest our skills here and to help that grow. The Hundertwasser centre can serve as a catalyst for our new and expanded city identity.”

“During my last year of school I did an art course here at NorthTec once a week – and I was hooked. Now I get to do something I love every day, and even if I’m doing aspects I don’t enjoy, I can see their necessity. I didn’t have a plan before whereas now I know applied art is my future.”

“Here I’ve been exposed to sculpture, print-making and lots of different media which can be a challenge because they are all new but it’s also what I’m yearning and learning for.”

“The diversity of people here brings life and pride - whether they’re covered in te moko or from overseas. We’re all exploring who we can become and the tutors are skilled at getting the most out of each of us. They feel more like colleagues that tutors – wise colleagues.”

“This course will get me qualified for jobs and industries I may want to be part of. In these early days of exploring, I’m so far drawn to art therapy or to getting some experience at Weta workshop.”

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