Student Profile

Eden Stewart - Business Administration

Eden Stewart - Business Administration

“I’m doing Business Admin because I’ve always wanted to do accounting but I dropped out of school at 15. I have two young sons and I want to get an education to get a good job and give them a stable life. My Mum studied in her late 30s and I saw how hard it was for her so I wanted to start earlier.”

“I thought about it for a few years then decided to start at level 3 or I would be struggling. It’s only 20 hours a week in class and 20 hours at home. I couldn’t study at home so I commute from Dargaville for the three class days a week and I love what I’m learning.”

“Excel and the accounting side is more of challenge and we’ve just started doing Xero. I like numbers but there is a lot to it and I’m taking my time so I understand it as I go. The industry is wanting people with Xero experience now.”

“I’m surprised at how well I’m doing and I even got an extra certification from the Business Administration Forum. It’s making me feel competent. The tutors are easy to approach and very encouraging and the students are all motivated because we are here for a reason.”

“I’m keen now to go on with more study next year and I’ll see what unfolds from there.”

Iwi – Ngapuhi

Hapū - Ngati Kura.