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Deveron Pearce - Nursing

Deveron Pearce - Nursing

“I was working at a special needs school as a teacher aide and that inspired me to go further. My Mum is a nurse so I was aware of that field and I am keen to do something worthwhile.”

“I looked at the option of studying nursing in Invercargill but the advantage here is that it is local and close to friends and family. I really like the hands-on work experience where we are assigned to different wards so we learn about different illnesses.”

“All the students help each other and we are a mix of ages. There’s one other guy too which is good for me. I like the tutors’ way of teaching and with small class sizes we get more one-on-one time with them. They are easy to understand and are really helpful and available beyond what I would expect.” 

“When I graduate I may look into Mental Health and especially working with children with cognitive difficulties. Long term I’d like to stay here in Whangarei so I can help locally, as well as being able to look after my family especially my parents and grandparents.”

Ngati Wai

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