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Caitlin Foster - Cookery

Caitlin Foster - Cookery

“I love the people here. Anyone who is into hospitality is a certain sort of weird that I really enjoy. It’s part of who we are. I was going to get into hairdressing but I realized I love cooking more. I also realized that within hospitality I prefer back-of-the-house.”

“Getting to eat everything I make is a stand-out of the course along with the students and the absolutely amazing tutors. The tutors are great people with a huge amount of industry experience. The fact that we do food services here for different groups and events is a cool way to get real customer experience.” 

“The work load at level 5 is a bit of a challenge but I like a challenge and it keeps me occupied outside of class hours. I always did well at school, but here we can go beyond what is expected or think outside the square and get rewarded for it.”

“Management and business are part of our level 5 content which really suits me because after this I’m keen to go on and do an accounting course. I’ll then get some work experience, but my dream is to run a chain of restaurants in New Zealand and Australia. They would provide a desert café from 8am until 4pm and then become a restaurant from 4pm until midnight. This place and this course are giving me the knowledge, skills and confidence I need to step up and step out.”

Iwi – Te Aupouri

Hapū – Ngati Kahu (Whangaroa)

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