Student Profile

Brooke Hartigan - Conservation

Brooke Hartigan - Conservation

“Already in our practicum we’ve been out monitoring lizards and geckos and helped with pest control, and we’ve even seen kiwi and takehe on a field trip. It’s pretty amazing getting to see the end goal while we’re still working towards it. I love conversation and being out in the bush and this course is giving me so many opportunities to be in that world.”

“I originally started Environmental Science at Waikato but the university context and the geology emphasis weren’t quite what I wanted, so I looked for more of a conservation path. When I hit the ‘enquire now’ button about this course, I was connected directly with a tutor who introduced me to other tutors so it felt helpful right from the start. My family are up here too so it’s a great fit.”

“It’s refreshing to be around other like-minded students all working towards the same end goal even though we have different points of focus. My interest is more terrestrial and I’m into the bush, while some of the others are more into marine conservation. Having such a range of local field trips within Northland helps us find the topics we’re interested in and to work out where we want to end up working.”

“The satisfaction of this course is that it leads to a life where the impact and benefits of what we’re doing can be enjoyed by everyone. Our practicum work has shown us there are opportunities everywhere so I’ll look for work when I finish the course.”

“I’ve always wanted to work for DOC, but as long as the work is related to conservation, I’ll be happy. I’m really keen to raise environmental awareness especially with kids. And to anyone out there who wants to spend everyday outdoors, come and do this course.”