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Brandon Te Raki - Automotive Engineering (Vocational)

Brandon Te Raki - Automotive Engineering (Vocational)

“I’m now doing something I enjoy all day. At school I just sat doing not much except for when we did engineering. Dylin started the course before me and messaged me to jump on board here.”

“This is a real opportunity, we don’t have to know everything and the tutor is a real stand out. He expects discipline especially around using safety gear but he’s consistent and fair. He’s always willing to help, will go the extra way to make sure you get there, and we can even bring a car in to work on.”

“Learning new skills from this course will change my life. After this I’ll go onto level 3 Auto Engineering or maybe into fabrication. My dream is to own my own workshop and employ Dylin as a mechanic.”

“If you’re out there and not doing much or you’re into what you’re doing, come here and find something to study. There are heaps of opportunities and you’ll move your life forward.”

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