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Awhina Henry - Sport and Recreation

Awhina Henry - Sport and Recreation

“My Phys Ed teacher at school was my inspiration to want to teach physical education myself. Since then, it is what I have wanted to do. My other motivation is that no-one else in my family has a degree so I feel I have the opportunity here to open new horizons for my kids and my greater whānau.”

“I was living in Taupo and was going to the sport and recreation degree at Waikato, but I moved up here to be near the kids’ Dad’s family. The form of the degree here at NorthTec works for me and I can do part time work as well.”

“I love everything about the course and like the mix of theory and practical. I’m also really enjoying the mix of cultures in our class. We have students who are originally from France, Britain, and South Africa so I’m being exposed to different perspectives.”

“Getting this qualification will really improve life for me and my kids. Once I finish my degree I will go on and do the post graduate teaching qualification. I can then start living my dream of teaching physical education.”

Iwi – Ngati Tuuharetoa

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