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Ari Schwarz - Horticulture

Ari Schwarz - Horticulture

“Last year I was close to burnout in my eleventh year in a corporate office living in Mt Maunganui. I turned 30 and decided it was time to move home to Whangarei and start afresh doing something that I wanted and living a more sustainable lifestyle. When both my parents got sick, it tipped the balance and the journey since then to sell up and move has happened fast. My rent is now a quarter of what it was and my outgoings are tiny.”

“This course is giving me the confidence to know I can have my own business and it has opened my mind to ways I can work for myself. Because the classes are three days week 9-3pm, I can use the rest of the time to implement what I learn on the property that is now my home.”

“I’ll may study Sustainable Rural Development when I finish this course and that will help with setting up my own business. The possibilities are exciting.”

“The bigger picture for me is to create an ideal lifestyle being as self-sufficient and organic as possible in a natural more relaxed environment. Anyone doing this course for work may not be expecting the impact it can have on your life. I’ve found it opens up a greater perspective and takes you on a journey of self-growth and discovery. I love it.” 


Iwi - Ngati Wai 

Hapū - Ngati Taka and Pakuharakiki.

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