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Andrew Thompson - Cookery

Andrew Thompson - Cookery

“I was a mechanical engineer for 12 years running and programming machines but when the industry started to slow down it was time for a change of career for me. Friends suggested I get into cooking and now that I’m into it, I realize engineering and cooking oddly have a skill set in common. You’re controlling heat, working with different steels, need good hand-eye co-ordination, and you have to keep your tools sharp.”

“My brother studied cheffing here and he’s gone on to do really well. This training has a good reputation and it’s local. The best part of the course is the good vibe of the people and the environment. You’re made to feel welcome and the tutors treat you as an equal or a colleague rather than as a student. They get better outcomes by doing that so it works well both ways.”

“Baking is a challenging part of the course for me because I’m too rough and knock too much air out of cake mixes, but it’s also the area I want to get involved in.”

“This qualification will enable me the freedom to travel and work. My first priority is to get full time work and save. I’m new to the industry so I’ll have to start at the bottom but if you show you’re keen and you’re onto your work, you can progress fast. I’d love a baker’s job and eventually want to have my own baking business.”

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