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Alex Wickliffe - Hairdressing

Alex Wickliffe - Hairdressing

“There is so much more to hairdressing than I thought. It’s really interesting and fun, and gives me an opportunity to build a career.”

“I’d been working full time in customer service and realized, I wanted a change. I’d always been interested in hairdressing and knew that this NorthTec course has a great reputation. I decided my best option was to complete a foundation course first to get back into the groove of study and discipline.”

“I love how much we learn here every day and it’s great working with real clients and building relationship. I did enjoy the paperwork and theory, a lot of which came first in the course. It gave us an understanding of the different hair types, growth patterns, and the layers of the skin so we then knew what we’re dealing with when it came to the hands-on. It’s challenging but fascinating.” 

“I love the input from the two tutors because each one has a different delivery and way of working. I plan to do two years training at NorthTec then a year in a salon to get qualified.”

“One day I’d love to own my own salon and be enjoying what I’m doing every day. To get there may take a couple of years or more of training but I’d encourage anyone to make that move sooner rather than later.”

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