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Alex Galpin - Information Systems

Alex Galpin - Information Systems

“Configuring networking design and programming design, then checking that they work, are the best parts of this course for me. Computers, programming and networks have always interested me and they’re part of a field that is hard to learn outside a classroom.”

“I was previously in the electrical industry then started into level 3 computer study at Waikato. I was going to then go to uni but thought I’d try this for a year first to see how I go – and it’s close to home.”

“We have classmates from China, Japan and the Philippines and so that contact and the connection with the tutors is broadening my context socially.”

“After the course I can go straight into entry level info systems work, or I can use it as a stepping stone into doing a Bachelor in Computer Science at uni. Depending on which path I choose, the rest will unfold from there.” 

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