Aaron Wilson - Painting (Trade)

The stand-out here is the tutor. He creates a great learning environment, manages the group well, and makes it easy to ask questions. Working out the pricing and quotes and quantities is a challenge for me but the tutor explains things well and is g…

Alex Galpin - Information Systems

Configuring networking design and programming design, then checking that they work, are the best parts of this course for me. Computers, programming and networks have always interested me and they’re part of a field that is hard to learn outside a c…

Alex Wickliffe - Hairdressing

I’d always been interested in hairdressing and knew that this NorthTec course has a great reputation. There is so much more to hairdressing than I thought. It’s really interesting and fun, and gives me an opportunity to build a career.

Andrew Thompson - Cookery

My brother studied cheffing here and he’s gone on to do really well. This training has a good reputation and it’s local. The best part of the course is the good vibe of the people and the environment. You’re made to feel welcome and the tutors treat…

Ari Schwarz - Horticulture

Anyone doing this course for work may not be expecting the impact it can have on your life. I’ve found it opens up a greater perspective and takes you on a journey of self-growth and discovery. I love it.

Arthur McInnes - Sustainable Rural Development

I love how relaxed and flexible the course is. It is hands-on and self-paced and we get to take on our own projects here. The tutors are very knowledgeable and we’re swapping seed and plant material now amongst the students.

Awhina Henry - Sport and Recreation

No-one else in my family has a degree so I feel I have the opportunity here to open new horizons for my kids and my greater whānau.

Ben Hooper - Electrical Engineering

I’m loving learning new things and am doing things I didn’t think I could do – like repairing appliances, wiring up lights, and learning to be safety minded. I didn’t try much at school but I’m really achieving now because I have a purpose.

Brandon Te Raki - Automotive Engineering (Vocational)

I’m now doing something I enjoy all day. At school I just sat doing not much except for when we did engineering. This is a real opportunity, we don’t have to know everything and the tutor is a real stand out.

Brandon Wilson - Painting (Trade)

I love going out on site and I’m getting really interested in colour. We have a good mix of students and a good tutor.

Caitlin Foster - Cookery

I love the people here. Anyone who is into hospitality is a certain sort of weird that I really enjoy. It’s part of who we are. I was going to get into hairdressing but I realised I love cooking more. I also realised that within hospitality I prefer…

Connie Chaplin - Agriculture

This feels like real learning on the job. We’re getting work experience here on the farm as we learn new things and I love everything about it – especially that I get to have my own working dog.

Deveron Pearce - Nursing

I looked at the option of studying nursing in Invercargill but the advantage here is that it is local and close to friends and family. I really like the hands-on work experience where we are assigned to different wards so we learn about different il…

Dylin Campbell - Automotive Engineering (Vocational)

It’s great to be learning with people who actually want to be here each day and I love that I can work with my hands as I learn. I’m really drawn to welding. There’s so much to learn about the different types of welding and the tutor is the best.

Eden Stewart - Business Administration

I love what I’m learning. Excel and the accounting side is more of challenge and we’ve just started doing Xero. I like numbers but there is a lot to it and I’m taking my time so I understand it as I go. The industry is wanting people with Xero exper…

Emma Snell - Visual Arts

The diversity of people here brings life and pride - whether they’re covered in te moko or from overseas. We’re all exploring who we can become and the tutors are skilled at getting the most out of each of us.

Gail Kirkland - Business Administration

I haven’t studied for 20 years so there are heaps of challenges but I’m hungry to learn and the tutors keep us driven and encouraged.

Ian Page - Civil Engineering

With all the new building and roading development in our region, now seemed a good time to step into civil engineering. Previously sport was my main driver and I did fill-in jobs to support it. I was helping run the Aquatic Centre before enrolling f…

Izaiyah Brightwell - Lowie

The best part of the course is doing the physical training at the gym and that includes learning to study measurements and performance. It’s a discipline for me to get here in the mornings but once you set your mind, then you’re sweet. I love being …

Jay Simmonds - Carving (Whakairo)

There are not many female carvers in New Zealand because it is only in recent years that mainstream institutions have opened their doors to allow women to study the art of carving. I think it’s culturally important to both honour the traditional val…

Joey Waddell - Architectural Technology

One of the key reasons for coming here is the tutors. They are real, they’re knowledgeable and experienced, and they treat us like peers. They really encourage us to push beyond our own limits and to expand enough to take in new learning and experie…

Joseph Prakash - Lowie

The tutors drive you to do better and they help us with how to do things at the gym so we form good habits. Every time I try something new I’m surprised at myself. The first time I did CrossFit I thought I would die – but I’m still here, improving a…

Josh Bucknell - Travel

The stand-out of the course for me is meeting all the great students and tutors here. I’m the youngest in our class so I’m learning so much from other people’s backgrounds and cultures, and by being on the campus is general.

Julie Duffy - Horticulture

I’m discovering I have a surprising interest in biological control and Integrated Pest Management. I’m fascinated with the idea of breeding parasitic wasps and ladybirds and it’s great knowing there are companies here doing that now.

Karen Burnard - Academic Studies

I’m doing the Foundation course to re-train my brain ready for my degree. I’ve rediscovered learning and I’m amazed at what I’ve been able to take in.

Katherine Tasker - Applied Management

I love the diversity of our course content. I am discovering a love for marketing which is a total surprise to me. My dream is to be successful – which to me means financially successful as well as waking up to do something I enjoy every day.

Kim Cullen - Carpentry

The practical work in the workshop is the best part of the course for me. I like working with my hands but I’m amazed at how much I don’t know about the building industry. I have developed a different appreciation and respect for all the layers of k…

Leah Land - Foundation (Social Work)

Some aspects of science are a challenge but once I get the breakthrough moment and understand something, I love it. We have three cool tutors who all have different styles and I’m learning lots.

Lequesha Rutherford - Te Reo

Learning Te Reo is already boosting my confidence. It’s bringing back early memories of when I first heard it spoken. I love learning more about Maori protocols

Luisa Zoing - Applied Writing

The Applied Writing course is online, all of the tutors are writers and we have online forums with the other students. At first I felt different from them but then I realised I just have my own style and I’m enjoying the varied perspectives.

Lyndon Hopkins - Hunting and Pest Control

I’m keen to help the next generation spend more time outside and to serve as a role model for them in some way. We have this amazing natural resource in the north and I want to encourage youth to enjoy getting out amongst it.

Mahinaarangi Reihana-Kopa - Maori Arts (Visual)

I’m being encouraged here to explore past my own boundaries and to dare to be different in order to fulfil my potential. It’s exciting keeping a visual diary and I’m getting great grades. I’m starting to value myself.

Melanie Cuddy - Nursing

I’d love to work in the Ministry of Health of Education where I could impact and implement policies that affect kids. Children in poverty don't have much control of what is happening around them and someone needs to speak up on their behalf because …

Mereana Leituvae - Weaving (Raranga)

This course has broadened my perception of art. I don’t just look at it visually now but I look at what the artist is communicating. Our whānau of students here watch each other grow and help one another.

Naketa Bonselaar - Applied Science

I love being amongst students who are keen to learn and tutors who are dedicated and enthusiastic about what they are teaching. Our classmates come with backgrounds ranging from beauty therapy, to water treatment to the arts.

Natalie Cossey - Sport and Recreation

I’m one of the youngest in our class and I love the range of ages and backgrounds. The tutors are so available, accessible and supportive and we’re getting a chance to network with industry contacts.

Natasha Hall - Mental Health

Balancing the full-on energy of my baby at home and this study is a challenge but there is a lot of self-directed study involved with flexibility of timing and fantastic tutor support.

Renae Maree Couche - Foundation (Vet Nursing)

With the help of the tutors here I now understand that people all learn differently and that I can learn. I have the right help here. I dreaded school but I really like coming to the course and I’ll be able to into vet nursing when I pass Foundation…

Richard Pawa - Applied Management

I was involved in middle management and could see flaws at the higher levels but without the relevant knowledge, I couldn’t affect any change, so I started my study in Applied Management.”

Sacha Pou-Tito - Mechanical Engineering

I’d always been interested in mechanical things and used to love watching my Dad fix the car, but working at Marsden Point made me realise that it was something I really wanted to take further. I looked through lots of training options and settled o…

Shahn Allen - Cookery

I previously loved to bake cakes but as my horizons have broadened, my passion has moved from bakery to butchery. I’m a carnivore, I can cook a mean steak, and I love learning about the cuts to the extent that I’m wondering about doing a butchery ap…

Trae Harrison - Agriculture

I love being outdoors every day and learning by doing. This course is nearly all practical and any theory relates directly to what we’re doing.

Tui Riesterer - Academic Studies

An unexpected surprise is the real kinship in our class. The reasons we are here are many and varied and we know that a key part of humanity is to support each other.

Vanessa Arcus - Business Administration

Already I am gaining confidence. In our assignments we had to find and interview someone in the business world and I’m learning how to interact with people on the phone professionally.

Zoe Edmonds - Accounting

The best aspect is the other students. The support network you create together and how students encourage and value each other is what makes studying in smaller classes a wonderful experience. The students and tutors are always approachable and will…