Student Profile

Ricci Lang

Ricci Lang - Visual Arts

“I loved art at school and I wanted to broaden my skills but I didn’t want to go to uni. I came here to check out the course and just loved the campus and the atmosphere. It has a real artsy vibe.”

“I was into painting but I’m now loving sculpture and print-making. I’m discovering a whole world of different media and you never know what you’ll like until you try it.”

“Photography and the computer stuff are new to me too and I’m enjoying learning the more technical aspects of them even though they are less natural skills for me.”

“The tutors are very cool and are really involved with what we are doing. They all have a different approach so it helps us to develop the way we think. I’m also learning a lot from the other students because we critique each other’s work and discuss ideas. I’m one of the youngest so I’m aware that there’s a lot of wisdom within the class.”

“Art graduates come in and talk to us so we get to see how far they have gone and realise that NorthTec art qualifications are well recognised out there.”

“I like the idea of being self-employed and self-expressed in some way when I graduate. There is so much you can do with applied arts. I’m so glad I decided to do further study straight after high school – even though I didn’t want to go to uni.”

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