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Rhiannon Dennison

Rhiannon Dennison - Mental Health

“I was in the Black Sticks, struggling with anxiety to the point where I couldn’t train, and I couldn’t get the support I needed. It became clear to me it was time to leave the Black Sticks.”

“I then got the support I needed, came up here to make a new life, and am doing this course so I can provide support for others. Here we are directed to be an advocate for someone, rather than telling them what to do.”

“I love this type of learning where there is plenty of opportunity for questions, time-out to discuss what presents, and a family feel within our class. We are developing close and real friendships and I am a lot more open. Before I wouldn’t share anything.”

“Some of the legal aspects of the course are hard to learn but are so important and reassuring. I wasn’t aware how the Mental Acts work and was naive about patients’ rights.”

“I hope to do the Bachelor in Social Services after this and then may retrain for the Olympics. My main goal now is to be a voice for children who need support.”

“I would encourage anyone finishing school to do this course. A lot of kids are not on good paths, they don’t know what they want to do and they are vulnerable. This course helps us find out who we are, recognize what we want, and to grow as healthy people.”

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