Student Profile

Jody Kelly

Jody Kelly - Civil Engineering

“I was working in a managerial position with Fulton Hogan and applied for and got a study scholarship. I was going to choose to study business management but my employer suggested the more technical path of Civil Engineering would open more doors.”

“I still work full-time at Fulton Hogan, and I have a two year old, so studying one day a week at NorthTec for four years means I don’t have to change my life.”

“Civil Engineering is way more interesting than I imagined and I’m loving learning all this new content. Because I’m already working in this environment, a whole lot is coming together for me now.”

“I’ve been away from study for 25 years and I’m envious of the young ones on that count, but we help each other and the tutors offer their time generously - even out of class.” 

“Finding the time to study drives me insane sometimes because I don’t want to compromise the time with my daughter, so I have to be strict with my own routine.”

“This study will enable me to be more authoritative and to make more changes in the workplace, as I’d like to progress to be a Divisional Manager. I also want to encourage others to do this and to not let age or gender stand in their way.”

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