Student Profile

Jazmin Pettus

Jazmin Pettus - Applied Science

“Doing this new lab tech course has been the key to turning my life around. When I came to NorthTec I was on home detention and this has helped me change my mind-set, re-set my life’s ambitions, think bigger, and get back on track. Anyone can come temporarily off the rails, and anyone can self-correct with the right help.”

“I’m a qualified teeth whitener but I’m ready for more now. Both my parents were microbiologists and I have a strong passion for science. Applied Science in labs is a much needed skill here and this course responds to that need.”

“I love the small class size and individual tutor support that is possible here compared with uni. I’m finding the maths hard because the systems have changed since I last studied but I like to challenge myself and the support is right here. I’m older than a lot of the other students and I push the younger ones because I want to inspire them to continue.”

“I will go on and do level 5 then level 6 and ultimately I’d like to work in either the Fonterra of IPL (Independent Petroleum Laboratory) labs because they are local.”

“I want to thank NorthTec for their acceptance and for getting me through this. I was totally open to them and I was really ready to change. Being open about something helps take the power off it. Anything truly is possible if you are clear enough on what you want.”