Student Profile

Hayley Sharp

Hayley Sharp - Environmental Science

“As New Zealanders we love the beach, the forest, and natural environments, but not enough of us are talking about looking after them or what state they might be in. I wanted to learn more and be around like-minded people who also understand that without the environment, we have nothing. I knew from day one I had made the right choice.”

“The tutors really get us immersed in the outdoors. It’s very grounding - not just all statistics and reports inside a classroom. Northland is a great place for that, plus our small class sizes mean that we get out and see so much that huge classes at other universities might not get the chance to. There are also a ton of opportunities to get involved in the industry as our tutors have a lot of contacts and are a constant support.”

“I’m amazed at how many field trips we have – to places like the Poor Knights and Tiritiri Matangi. But I’m also surprised at how my whole mind-set has changed. Our tutors have taught us that modern-day conservationists understand that as humans we need resources, but we need to find the best way to go about utilising those resources. It’s not about fighting change, it’s about the best way forward.”

“My dream job would be in environmental advocacy. The term 'greenies' is so out-dated and is not a niche type of person. Environmental issues affect us all. There are better ways to do things, but we need more people on board to make this happen. It’s as much about getting people on board as it is about the science and I want to be part of that.”