Student Profile

Damian Manahi - Architectural Technology

Damian Manahi - Architectural Technology

“I had been working as a builder but got injured last year so decided it was time to change. By extending into design, I can still draw if I get hurt.”

“I love designing and this course is helping me understand why we do what we do when we’re building. It’s extending my horizons of what’s possible. I would tell anyone now to push your limits.”

“Working out all the detail for the working drawings is a stretch for me, but it’s interesting because we have to explore options within council restrictions, and choose the right materials. We touch on everything from water flow, corrosion, types of soil, as well as the expected building subjects.”

“Our class is a good little unit with a range of different skills, plus we get help from the year 2 students.”

“My main goal is to design and build my own buildings and sell them. It’s something I can take anywhere in New Zealand. My first step when I finish the course though will be to find work in the industry.”

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