Agnes Mariya Sebastian - Nursing

From being a nurse in India and moving on to studying nursing at NorthTec, I have been given the chance to advance my nursing knowledge.

Bronwyn Carse - Hairdressing

“I’m surprised at how much we learn, especially the technical things like how hair grows and the science of colour.”

Callum Charlton - Eco Tourism

“Doing this course is opening doors that were previously locked and bolted shut for me. I can now create a future career to help showcase this hidden gem of the Bay of Islands.”

Cecil Oppert - Social Services

The biggest thing I’ve learnt in this journey is not to doubt your learning abilities. You can do anything you want to once you remove your own mind blocks.

Chelsea Whitehead - Foundation

This foundation course can make it easy to start to study again. You can get the basic study skills and learn how to think in order and write essays.

Connor Telfer - Electrical Engineering

“Doing this course will definitely help me get an apprenticeship. I’m not sure what I’ll specialise in later but I’m keen to travel. It’s early days on my journey.”

Damian Manahi - Architectural Technology

“I love designing and this course is helping me understand why we do what we do when we’re building. It’s extending my horizons of what’s possible. I would tell anyone now to push your limits.”

Dolly Tuporo - Digital Arts

“I’m thriving in this environment. I love how the tutors support you, and I’m local so I can stay home yet keep expanding and studying. I don’t know where I’ll journey but I know to keep going.”

Evelyn Harris - Hunting and Pest Control

“One of the best things has been learning how to trap, gut and skin possums because I can now sell the furs and can make money and be financially independent. I’ll also be able to use those skills on my own land.”

Georgina Ellis - Health and Safety

I want to make a difference and help create change. Health and Safety are a big part of our everyday work life and I want to see people go to work and come home safely.

Gerald Katene - Horticulture

Doing the GrowSafe ticket was intense for me but the tutors are right there beside you and they put things across in a way that I can take it in.

Gina-Marie Moon - Transport

My biggest dream was to get a job in transport, and now I have it – thanks to NorthTec. If you want truck driving experience – jump onto this course

Gwen Wynyard - Maori Arts

This course is wonderful – but come prepared to work. It’s full-on fun and full-on research.

Hayley Sharp - Environmental Science

The tutors really get us immersed in the outdoors. I’m amazed at how many field trips we have – to places like the Poor Knights and Tiritiri Matangi. There are also a ton of opportunities to get involved in the industry as our tutors have a lot of c…

Hillary Nathan - Tourism

When I started the course I was just trying it out to see if it was for me. Now I’m passionate about it! I’m learning so much, not just about our own country, but about other countries and cultures.

Ivan Dorofeev - Mechanical Engineering

I just love this whole place. I love the people. I love the spirit. It’s very different from anything I’m used to. I love that we do theory and practical together. It’s great to have access to workshops with such a full range of quality modern machi…

Jamee Brown - Business Administration and Computing

There’s fun atmosphere here and the tutor has a real sense of humour so keeps the mood light and fresh. You need that in a classroom.

Jasmine Rogers-Tana - Nursing

I love the new things I’m learning and like how the course is laid out. It’s a mix of class study, online study, and practical time in the hospital, and the tutors work around you – not the other way round.

Jazmin Pettus - Applied Science

I love the small class size and individual tutor support that is possible here compared with uni.

Jessica Ranger - Horticulture

I really like the learning environment here and how knowledgeable the tutors are. They cater to all our students’ interests which range from a commercial to a community focus.

Jody Kelly - Civil Engineering

I still work full-time at Fulton Hogan, and I have a two year old, so studying one day a week at NorthTec for four years means I don’t have to change my life.

Jordan Slater - Foundation

I’ve learned that there are different ways to learn and to study so I’m getting ahead in ways I wasn’t able to before. I want to keep my future options open and to continue to develop.

Karla Veronica Calzado - Nursing (CAP)

I believe that choosing NorthTec is one of the best decisions I have made to uplift my career as a nurse.

Kim Tito - Te Reo

There’s a generational expectation I hold for myself and that my kaumatua hold for me, that’s it’s time to step up and provide leadership for our hapū (Te Parawhau)

Maninder Singh - Civil Engineering

My experience so far has been great in NZ - I love Whangarei

Mereana Pese - Maori Arts

This is the first Maori Arts degree in Northland and to me it feels more like movement than a course. It’s a break-through for me.

Nikita Erihe - Business Administration and Computing

I knew how good NorthTec was because my sister had been here. Numbers are a bit tricky for me but there is so much tutor support.

Rhiannon Dennison - Mental Health

I love this type of learning where there is plenty of opportunity for questions, time-out to discuss what presents, and a family feel within our class. We are developing close and real friendships and I am a lot more open.

Ricci Lang - Visual Arts

The tutors are very cool and are really involved with what we are doing. They all have a different approach so it helps us to develop the way we think.

Ryan Lees - Horticulture

The flexibility of this course is really refreshing. We cover all the core subjects like composting, soils, weather, water management, propagation, and harvesting, but the tutor is open to side-line opportunities that present.

Sheryl Makiha - Foundation

When I began here my goal was to go back and finish my teaching degree, but a whole new world has opened to me and I’ve now decided to do social services.

Sun Lyoung Kim - Applied Writing

“Once you get a qualification you can create a better life, and this is a great place to get a qualification.”

Tash Nikora - Maori Arts

Already this course is inspiring my vision of what I can create. The colour, form, and complexity that is coming out is intense and surprising. I’m really on a journey and I’m opening up to painting, and sculpture, and clay.

Te Teira Rakete - Elementary Construction

“I came here to see if there was more I could learn about scaffolding, and now I’m on a new pathway heading towards architecture! I had no idea that talent would pop out.”

Teegan Edwards - Agriculture

“This course will change my life. I want to live on the land, get paid for what I love doing, and go farming with my best friend. We are each good at different things. But first I’ll get a job and get some experience.”

Tenaya Hokai - Beauty Therapy

I moved back from Australia to do this course. I checked out other beauty training options but NorthTec’s course had a better learning structure and qualifications than the others.

Tracey Pomana - Painting

I’m surprised how motivated I am to get up and go to work now. We do practical painting work out in the community as part of this course and I love seeing other people’s houses and meeting other trades-people.