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Although my passion has always been the magic of biochemistry and genetics, I initially spent 21 years as a psychiatric nurse, so I care about the way that people tick. I have masters papers in nutritional biochemistry because I have been seriously overweight myself. I am now an ironman, so I care about the nutrition and also the genetics of endurance athletes.

I have a PhD in evolutionary genetics, a masters degree in ecotoxicology, a post graduate diploma in teaching and a BSc in biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics. I have papers in all sorts of random subjects because I just like to learn new stuff. All this after having been kicked out of school at 15.

I have been teaching at NorthTec since 2004 and I have published papers on the utilisation of free servers of advanced molecular biological techniques using virtual molecules. No real molecules have been harmed in my research and I work from a shed in my garden. The point is to prove that advanced research can be done by anyone, anywhere. I have also written 'In defence of the Dark Arts', which is about the war against parasitic nucleic acid going on in cells everywhere.

My aim is that no student should be left behind, no student should feel too stupid or too inadequate because if you want something badly enough, then you can surely succeed!!!