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Nigel Drummond

Nigel Drummond

Forestry Tutor

“The safety of the forestry worker and making sure they go home at the end of the day, is premium. After 20 years in forestry, I’m now tutoring level 3 and 4 NorthTec forestry guys out in the field, so I make sure I promote the health and safety aspects. I’m also in an auditing role in tree felling and break-out systems.”

“Prior to this I was working with a logging company for eight years – five years in operations and three in health and safety. It’s really satisfying providing the training and seeing the guys attain their unit standards. It’s been a bit of a transition to come into a teaching role and to make sure the learning is really getting across and the guys are understanding it.”

“In my 20 years in the industry I’ve been in everything from land preparation, to planting, to logging, and to loading the finished product on the port. The forestry industry has been changing all that time in its mind-set to health and safety and the young guys are already set up in processes and moduled for the task. They are used to pre-start meetings, hazard ID, and induction processes.”

“The biggest challenge is getting the older guys who have been in the industry a long time, on board. They have their own fixed mind-set and are reluctant to change. My focus is to get the forestry guys on the ground highly skilled and up to a highly professional level.”

“I enjoy being a part of NorthTec and feel it has a very important role in Northland in getting people educated and set up to get into jobs. NorthTec is there for everyone. Anyone can do anything if they have the right mind-set.”