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Manue Martinez

Dr Manue Martinez

Environmental Management Tutor

BSc (Hons.), MSc, D.Phil.

Originally from the South-West of France, I always had a passion for the ocean and in particular cetaceans, despite growing up inland. When I was in middle school, I was told by a carrier advisor that there were limited employment opportunities in biology. Rather than deter me, it motivated me even more and to increase my chances I went overseas to complete both my undergraduate and postgraduate studies overseas. After gaining my BSc Hons (Zoology) at the University of Leicester in the UK, I took another big plunge and this time headed to the land of the long white could to obtain my Masters (Environmental Science) at the University of Otago and then my PhD (Marine Science) at Massey University, Albany. 

My main interest lies in the mitigation and management of the effects caused by human activities on marine mammals and the marine environment. Although my postgraduate research has focused on the endemic and endangered Hector’s dolphins and the effects of tourism activities, I also the opportunity to travel and work (including fieldwork) in various capacities within the Pacific Region, from NGOs, government agencies, and educational institutions over the past two decades. Moral of the story, no matter what people say, if your heart is set on it and you are motivated, you can make it happen. 

I now have the chance to share that passion, interests, and drive with the students enrolled in the Environmental Management programme at NorthTec.

You can find the list of my publications here:

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