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Lynn Jenner


I’m a recent arrival in Northland, having moved here from the Kāpiti Coast north of Wellington just after lockdown in 2020. I’m enjoying meeting students and staff of NorthTec as part of the writing community here.
My writing life really started at Whitireia Polytech, with a one-year course where we studied different genres of writing. I loved learning in the Polytech way which was supportive and closely linked to writers in the community. You’d call these writers ‘the industry’ if you were a chef or a builder. These ‘senior’ writers gave me heaps of encouragement and I’d like to pass that on to new writers. This experience has left me with a lot of loyalty to Polytech as a way to learn writing, or other skills and crafts.
After that year at Whitireia I was hooked on writing and went on to do an M.A. at the International Institute of Modern Letters at Victoria University, and then a Ph D there.
I’ve published three books. One is poetry (Dear Sweet Harry) about the life of Harry Houdini. One is about things and people who are lost. That is called Lost and Gone Away. The most recent is Peat, a collection of essays and poetic glossaries, about New Zealand poet Charles Brasch and, at the same time, tracking the construction of an expressway in my suburb.
I mostly write non-fiction, often creative non-fiction essays, but sometimes articles and poetry and, since I came to Northland, I have joined a group that writes flash fiction. Right at the moment I’m exploring the idea that there could be a thing called flash NON fiction. I like to keep developing new options and not get into a rut where I always write in the same way.

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