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Lesley Marshall

Tutor, Applied Writing


Professional Affiliations and Interests

  • Member of New Zealand Association of Manuscript Assessors (an invitation only guild of manuscript assessors and editors
  • Member of New Zealand Society of Authors
  • Member of NZ Book Council
  • Member of Romance Writers of New Zealand
  • Member of NZEI (primary teachers’ union)
  • Member of Whangarei Early Music Group
  • Member of New Zealand Recorder Society

Current Roles

  • Part-time tutor for Diploma of Applied Writing (grammar paper at Lever 5 and editing paper at Level 6, and occasionally relief tutor for other papers)
  • Freelance editor (
  • Mentor, assessor and appraiser for New Zealand Society of Authors
  • Part-time outside assessor for Whitireia Polytechnic
  • Part-time teacher at Maungatapere Primary School
  • Relief teacher at Tauraroa Area School

Selected Work History

  • Freelance editor for over 30 years, working on: memoirs, autobiographies and family histories; children’s novels, non-fiction and picture books; romances, chick-lit and general women’s fiction, thrillers, screenplays, murder mysteries, plays, rules for card games, theses (MAs and PhDs), prospectuses, short stories, historical novels, science fiction and fantasy; biography; and general non-fiction.
  • Judge on various national and international writing contests, some for short stories, some for novels.
  • Member of panel for New Zealand Society of Authors for deciding on mentorships to be awarded for 2010.
  • Workshop tutor at various Romance Writers of New Zealand conferences and Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions.
  • Short-term contract as writing tutor for Applied Arts Drama Course, helping third-year students write plays for final production
  • Short-term contracts with Matarau School, Maungatapere School and Tauraroa Area School as writing tutor for gifted children
  • Regular contributor of crosswords and word puzzles to Hoofprint and Jabberwocky magazines, and Jabberwocky website.
  • Occasional contributor of articles to NZ and Australian magazines and e-zines on writing.
  • Regular reviewer for Northern Advocate and New Zealand Society of Authors e-zine.
  • Two stories purchased for broadcast by Radio New Zealand
  • Occasional editing work for publishing houses, including HarperCollins, Reeds, Random House.
  • Short-term contract as editor for Coastal Focus.
  • Short-term contract for Northland Polytechnic to do Applied Arts qualifications documents.
  • Short-term contract for Ministry for the Environment on Hazardous Wastes report.
  • Short-term contract for Department of Conservation on Harbour Boards Lands Endowments.
  • Co-writer of newsletter for Northland Writers Network.
  • Selection editor for two anthologies of stories by Northland writers

Sample List of Works Edited

  • The CD40/CD154 Costimulatory Pathway in Orthotopic Liver Transplantation; by Adam Bartlett; thesis submitted for PhD degree through Auckland University 2003.
  • Michael Wall, Cardinal Sins, HarperCollins, 2000.
  • Pollution and Hazardous Substances Management; Final Report of the Inter-Agency Coordinating Committee; Ministry for the Environment.
  • Ann Macrae, Awful Childhoods, Hodder & Stoughton, 1998.
  • Fiona Brand; various books published by Silhouette Books between 1999 and 2003.
  • Jo White, short story in Best of NZ Short Stories anthology published by Tandem Press, and then translated and sold for anthology of NZ humour being published in Germany by Mana Publishing, Berlin.
  • New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 1992; Department of Conservation.
  • Everything written since 1979 by Daphne Clair (Harlequin Books, University of Pennsylvania Press) aka Laurey Bright (Silhouette Books) aka Clarissa Garland (Robinson Publishing) aka Daphne de Jong (HarperCollins, David Ling Publishing, Penguin).  This includes the short story that won the Katherine Mansfield Award, the non-fiction article that won the NZSA Lilian Ida Smith Award, and the filmscript that was later produced as a short film in 2002.
  • Nigel Latta, Execution Lullaby, HarperCollins, 2000.
  • Report on Harbour Boards Lands Endowments; submitted to Parliament on behalf of Department of Conservation.
  • Frank Newman; regular work editing short books and his newsletter for Harcourts Real Estate; also a thesis he presented for a master's qualification in business studies through Lincoln University.
  • Peter Friend; everything he's written since 1997, including various plays and short stories that have been published during that time in New Zealand School Journal.
  • Everything written since 1985 by Robyn Donald (Mills & Boon, Harlequin, University of Pennsylvania Press).
  • Subversive Acts, Penguin Books, 1991 – I edited the short stories of two of the writers selected for this anthology (Lesley Curnow, Sue McCauley).
  • Me and Marilyn Monroe, Daphne Brasell Publishing, 1993 – I edited a short story by Lesley Curnow that was selected for this anthology.
  • Diana Menefy, River Crossing, Reed Publishing, 2001.
  • Fiona Walker, various short stories published during 1987 and 1988 by Jade Magazine.
  • Janinka Greenwood; History of Bicultural Theatre – Mapping the Terrain; Research Monograph published by Christchurch College of Education, based on a thesis submitted for a doctoral degree through Brisbane University, Australia, which I also edited.
  • Desert Rose, an autobiography by Weijun Collins, Penguin, 2005.
  • Holocaust Tours, a novel by Julian Novitz, Random House, 2006.
  • Myth of the 21st Century – An Anthology of New Fiction, edited by Tina Shaw and Jack Ross, Reeds, 2006.
  • Oswald Blumhardt – New Zealand Plant Pioneer, by Catherine Ballard, published by David Ling, 2006.
  • The Girl Child by Princess Lakshman, 2007.
  • Various books published through Harlequin Books by Karina Bliss, Abby Gaines, Sandra Hyde and Tessa Radley.
  • Far North Area Alcohol Accords Summary Report, 2008, and Far North Co-Location Project Report, 2008, and RADAR: Draft Report for the Alcohol Advisory Council, 2009, all by Mandi Hardie.
  • Africa, My Youth: The Life and Death of a Durban Community by Dick Knight, for Ray Richards Literary Agency, 2009.
  • Languageland, a translation of poetry written by Elisabeth Augustin, 2009.
  • Kerikeri Conservation Controversy by Cathy Robinson, 2009.
  • Shadow of the Boyd by Diana Menefy, HarperCollins, 2010.