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Jan Whitehead with student

Jan Whitehead

Diploma in Architectural Technology - Tutor

“The ultimate for me is helping students realise and reach their potential. It’s so satisfying. They are like big sponges really keen to soak up the learning.”
Jan came to tutoring at NorthTec from an engineering and design background. “I love the design process, I love giving people what they want, I love problem solving, and I love learning. Tutoring here is an extension of all of that, plus I now realise I love teaching. I like the challenge of condensing a whole body of knowledge like Design Context and History into a minute amount of time, and  always staying up to date with things like CAD.”
Jan’s biggest passion though is the progress of the students. “I see them realise what they are capable of and we have a heap of fun in the process. As a tutor, we are another adult for them to bounce ideas off, so as well as curriculum work we sometimes will talk about a recipe, or have a chat about budgeting, or be a shoulder to cry on. ”
However, Jan is equally satisfied to see her students move on. “I can still only get them so far, and I’m then happy to let them go out on their journey. I get emails from students from years ago letting me know what they’re up to. I’m here for the students. It’s very satisfying.”