Staff Profile

Ingrid Wahrlich

Ingrid Wahrlich

Business Administration and Technology Tutor

“I was looking for a gemstone – and I found one in this job. Just seeing the morning mist on the harbour puts a smile on my face, but it’s the people who are the real treasure. They are individual, creative, strong, and characterful, with a great spirit and great heart. I love empowering them and watching their confidence grow.

Ingrid holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management and is a valued Senior Academic Staff member. She is also proud that her courses have a 99-100% retention and completion rate with roll-overs onto Levels 3 and 4, and for some their Level 2 certificate is their first ever certificate. It empowers families and the whole community.”

Ingrid was offered the position of setting up the Business Administration courses in Rāwene from a varied background that included 25 years in adult education teaching adult’s and school leavers personal development programmes. “This was with ‘Wahine Pakari’ – empowering Maori women in business.”

“I don’t see barriers - only opportunities - and as a team we’ll always find a way. The student is the creator. I simply make it work for them. I engage and build relationships first and this includes sharing some of my stories and though sharing we can change lives. We all come here as adults.”

Ingrid finds the NorthTec values of caring, excellence, whānau, and sharing match her own personal values. “This means you can come here and feel like yourself. You can bring all of you here. It has a big impact on what happens here.”

Sometimes this also means surprises. “We have had new-born’s in class here so their Mums can complete their courses. Yes, it’s a challenge – but sometimes life is. It’s attitude that matters.”

Another more technical challenge for Ingrid is that so far that technology is so fast tracked and we are always needing to update technology. “I’d like to be able to get students comfortable with this mobile era. Allied to that I’m currently doing an e-learning certificate to see what we can deliver on-line to students who are more remote or can’t get here. And my dream? be on board a yacht in Spain and be on-line with my students!”