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Painting of Dr Wolfgang B. Sperlich

Dr Wolfgang B. Sperlich

Tutor - English

Dr Wolfgang B. Sperlich is a lecturer at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus teaching English Language.

Research Interests

  • Linguistics


  • Anaphora

  • Language acquisition

  • syntax

Current Research

  • Anaphora


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Prose and poetry published in the following Literary Magazines/other publications:
                1980. OUSA Literary Review. Dunedin, New Zealand.
                1981. Still Life After Kafka. AUSA, Auckland, New Zealand.
                1982. Tango, a Literary Rage. AUSA, Auckland, New Zealand.
                1994. Lifeblood of a nation. UNV-News. September Issue, Geneva, Switzerland.
                2003. Tropical Depression. MS (Novella).
                2007 Language, Eros and Five Nights in Hawai’i.