Staff Profile

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Dr Ajmal Khan

Tutor - English Language

Dr Ajmal Khan​ is a tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus teaching English Language for academic purposes (EAP), language planning and policy.

Research Interests

Teaching English as a 2nd Language, English for academic purposes (EAP), Language planning and policy

Current Research

Ambivalence in language attitudes and practices: The case of English-medium schools students in the KP province of Pakistan.


  • Khan, A., & Barkhuizen, G. (2018). Attitudes towards the implementation of a top-down regional language policy in Pakistan: ‘I will not be able to handle it’. New Zealand Studies in Applied Linguistics (NZSAL). Vol. 24, No. 2, 2018: 12-23 

  • Khan, A., & Tin,T. B. (2012). Generic patterns in application letters: The context of Pakistan. RELC Journal: a journal of language teaching and research in Southeast Asia, 43:3, 393-410. 

  • Khan, S., Akram, W. & Khan, A. (2016). Functions of Inflectional Morphemes in English and Pashto Languages. Journal of Applied Linguistics and Language Research, 3:1, 197-216.

  • Khan, S. & Khan, A. (2015). Linguistic Parallelism in “La Belle Dame Sans Mercy” by John Keats and Urdu poem “Husan ki Divy” by Shevan Rizvi. International Journal of Applied Linguistics and Literature, 5:3, URL: