Staff Profile

Photo of Dr Ahmed Al-Sa’di

Dr Ahmed Al-Sa’di

Tutor - Information Systems

Dr Ahmed Al-Sa’di is a lecturer at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus teaching software and web development.

Research Interests

  • Human-computer interaction

  • Usability

  • User interface design

  • E-health

  • E-services.

Current Research

  • UI accessibility guidelines for BCI: developing framework or a set of requirements that any UI that using BCI should meet to cater to the needs of various forms of disability. An in-depth guide to UX and design approaches that benefit people with visual impairment - whether for medical reasons, neuro-disability or the natural ageing process. Disabled people can easily be neglected when it comes to online user experience (UX) or mobile app interface design. 

  • Awhina: Crisis management system: This project will address how to use ICT (mobile and tablet PC) to increase the collaboration and sharing of resources among citizens during the crisis. The aim is to develop requirements for an application that would allow localised communities to be developed post-disaster that could support resource sharing and support. 


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