Meet NorthTec's staff and tutors

Aditi Agarwal

Tutor - Business

Aditi Agarwal is a Business tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Amanda Turner

Tutor - Food and Beverage (Level 4) and STAR

My interest in front of house operations started when I was at University and soon became a passion which was cemented further by travel

Ana Sadlier

Navigator - Student Champion Advisor (Based at Raumanga Campus, Whangārei)

Ana is a student champion advisor for the Raumanga Campus.

Bobby Newport

Academic Leader/Senior Lecturer

I have a passion for education and life long learning

Brooke Irving

Chef Tutor

I love introducing the students to their first foray into the professional kitchen - 'set them up for success'

Dan Clark

Programme Manager - Business & Sport

Dan has a passion for education and strives to improve performance through the use of technology

Daniel Roecken

Laboratory Technician

My position at NorthTec allows me now to share my passion about the environment and management for sustainable use of resources with new generations

Dave Murray

Civil Engineering Tutor

Dave teaches a wide range of engineering courses in the civil engineering programme.

Dr Ahmed Al-Sa’di

Tutor - Information Systems

Dr Ahmed Al-Sa’di is a lecturer at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus

Dr Ajmal Khan

Tutor - English Language

Dr Ajmal Khan is an English Language Tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Dr Bev MacKay

Pathway Manager Nursing

RGON, CATE, MA (App) Nursing (Distinction), Doctor of Nursing, FCNA(NZ). Bev has a strong primary health care nursing background and this is one of her research passions as is the introduction of technology in nursing education.

Dr Dai Morgan

Applied and Environmental Sciences Tutor

My main research interests revolve around behavioural ecology, wildlife management, and ornithology. Therefore, just about everything that has legs, wings or fins is okay in my book!

Dr Emelen Nakao

Tutor – Business

Dr Emelen Nakao is a Business Tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Dr Isaac Kwadwo Nti

IT and Business Tutor

Dr Isaac Kwadwo Nti is a lecturer at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus

Dr Manue Martinez

Environmental Management Tutor

“Passing on knowledge is really important to me. People behave a certain way because they do not know the consequences of their actions. My duty as a tutor and as researcher is to educate and inspire people to make the right choices on a daily basis…

Dr Mike Mullany

Principal Academic

Mike is lecturer and a researcher at NorthTec and teaches Engineering Mathematics, Physics, Project Management, Technical Literacy, Engineering Management and Business Statistics

Dr Olivier Ball

Senior Tutor

Olly’s interest in conservation was sparked by his childhood realisation that he would never see such wonderful creatures as moa, huia and dodo.

Dr Shafiq Alam

Tutor - Business Information Systems

Dr Shafiq Alam is a lecturer at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Dr Toni Daly


Although my passion has always been the magic of biochemistry and genetics, I initially spent 21 years as a psychiatric nurse, so I care about the way that people tick. I have masters papers in nutritional biochemistry because I have been seriously …

Dr Zana Bell

Applied Writing Tutor

Zana Bell is an international award-winning author of fiction and tutors both Short Story and Novels.

Ebony Somers

Hairdressing Tutor

"I love the challenge of teaching, and the reward in seeing students leave us, to step into the real world of a hairdressing career."

Ellie Smith

Photography Tutor

Ellie is a photographer with a diverse practice that encompasses both traditional darkroom and contemporary digital techniques

Faith McManus

Applied Arts Tutor

Faith is a lecturer in drawing, printmaking, intermedia and Pacific studies art history at NorthTec.

Grant Beran

Academic Advisor (International)

Grant provides academic and English support to international students.

Helen Cossey

Navigator/Academic Advisor (Based at Kaitaia campus)

Our Navigator-Academic, is based at the Kaitaia Campus and proactively engages with ākonga who are finding it a challenge to adjust to our NorthTec culture- academic expectations- programme assessments.

Hoana Paul

Student Voice Coordinator

Hoana is the Student Voice Coordinator at NorthTec

Holly Anderson

Navigator – Student Champion Advisor at NorthTec Future Trades, Dyer Street Whangārei

Holly is a student champion advisor for the Future Trades Campus at Dyer St Whangārei.

Hossein Sadeghzadeh Fasaghandis

Tutor - Construction

Hossein Sadeghzadeh Fasaghandis is a Construction tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Hughie Blues

Hospitality - Tutor

“It takes a special kind of person to love a career in cooking. There’s nothing better than a full-on service that’s going well, and part of the appeal is knowing that it can fall over at any time.”

Iris Hutchinson

Academic Advisor (Domestic)

Iris provides academic support to students.

Jade Morgan

Digital Media Tutor

Jade describes her practice as a hybrid of digital imaging and photo manipulation with digital art, moving image, motion graphics, web and interface design.

Jan Dawson

Hairdressing Tutor

“My philosophy is to make the course as near as possible to industry expectations. I expect students to be reliable, on time, and to take the initiative. It doesn’t suit everyone. A good hairdresser needs to have a natural flair, good personal prese…

Jan Whitehead

Diploma in Architectural Technology - Tutor

“The ultimate for me is helping students realise and reach their potential. It’s so satisfying. They are like big sponges really keen to soak up the learning.”

Jann Leaming

Health Centre Nurse

Jann is an experienced Registered Nurse with a broad healthcare knowledge base.

Justine Payen


I am passionate about the craft of writing, and hope to engage and encourage students to find their own writing passion.

Kelly McCallum


Kelly has recently earned a place in the British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame for her achievements in rugby.

Kevin McAdams

Chef Tutor

I am a chef tutor teaching Level 3 cookery and have been with NorthTec for a few years now.

Kieran Beggs

International Student Learning Advisor (Auckland Campus)

Kieran Beggs is a Student Advisor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Kishwer Kingschild

Tutor - Business

Kishwer Kingschild is a Business tutor at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Lesley Marshall


Lesley Marshall is a freelance editor who has been in the business over 40 years, and worked on a fascinating array of manuscripts

Lisa Clunie

Photography Tutor

Lisa exhibits her photographs regularly, both nationally and internationally, and works part-time as a photography and drawing tutor at NorthTec

Lisette Buckle

Pathway Manager (Service Industries)

I am currently working with motivated tutors to support them to realise better ways to engage our students and give our students great employment opportunities after gaining their qualifications.

Lisette de Jong


Lisette de Jong is an award-winning writer of drama and comedy who tutors Short Scripts for stage and screen.

Lorraine King

Rauangi Tutor for Maunga Kura Toi

As a painter I often express the personal and social complexities of connections that reflect whānau, hapū and iwi.

Lucas Connew

Automotive Engineering Tutor

After 13 years in the army as a diesel mechanic being posted all over New Zealand, Lucas was ready to come home to the north and settle in one place for a while.

Lynn Jenner


I like to keep developing new options and not get into a rut where I always write in the same way.

Mark Pearson

Carpentry Tutor, ITAB Coordinator

Mark teaches carpentry and is Northland coordinator for the New Zealand Carpentry Apprentice Challenge.

Matua Max Thompson


Matua Max has several roles as Navigator, Cultural Advisor for First-Time Māori learners at Raumanga Campus and Supporting as Matua Hauora for the Kahikatea Wellbeing (Kaupapa Māori) Model of care in the regions. 

Mike Matata

Tutor, Travel and Tourism

Although the course is designed to get people started in the Travel and Tourism industry, Mike says it also introduces the idea that the industry is much bigger than it appears with his graduates able to go on and specialise in a range of different …

Murray Gibbs

Applied Arts Tutor

Murray teaches on the arts degree programme in Clay, Glass. Sculpture, Drawing and Design.

Paul Blagrove

Automotive Engineering Tutor

I'm passionate about doing things properly in the industry and I encourage the students to be the same. Do it right and keep the shop clean and tidy!

Peter Bruce-Iri

Principal Academic

Peter is a lecturer and researcher, teaches Management, Leadership, Organisational Behaviour, Business Heritage, Culture and Sustainability and Strategic Management.

Roger Jones

Senior Technician

Roger is the Senior Technician at NorthTec responsible for purveying all of our food and equipment in the hospitality department

Salil Chada

Programme Leader - International Business

Salil Chada is an Programme Leader of Business at the NorthTec International Auckland Campus.

Sally-Anne Kelly

Academic Learning Advisor (Disabilities)

Sally-anne provides academic support to students with a disability or learning difficulty.

Sandra McDonald

Māori Ethics Advisor

Sandra is the Māori Ethics Advisor at NorthTec.

Sean Lynch

Hospitality Tutor

Sean Lynch is from Palmerston North, been everywhere, ended up here, I really care, about meaty fare.

Shane Williamson

Chef Tutor

I am a fully qualified chef, having trained at Waikato Polytechnic.

Sharlene Nelson

Food and Beverage Service Tutor

I enjoy seeing the change in students during the course from being really shy and watching students grow into confident people

Stephen Rameka

Carpentry Tutor

“I love seeing the students change themselves during the course. Most of our students didn’t have a good experience of learning at school and the way we teach adults here can help turn that around. It’s very satisfying to see the results. The chang…

Tanya Cook

Conservation and Environmental Management Tutor

I have always enjoyed being in the outdoors and learning about New Zealand’s unique environment and wildlife.

Tanya Tautari

Student Champion Team Leader

Tanya drives the delivery of a tikanga based model that underpins the practice of all Navigators- to promote cultural competency and better engagement

Te Arahi Stokes

Student Voice Kaiawhina

Te Arahi is Student Voice Kaiawhina at NorthTec

Te Hemo Ata Henare

Raranga Tutor for Maunga Kura Toi

Te Hemo Ata is a contemporary Māori weaver, learning and practising traditional techniques.

Tracy Telfer

Trades Academy Cookery and STAR Tutor

Watching the students 'grow' over the year is amazing. I love it and couldn't think of many other places I'd rather be.

Whaea Meri Nathan

Kaiarahi Ako (Kaupapa Māori Academic Advisor)

Whaea Meri provides academic support for ākonga (learners) who prefer to work in groups and engage through Te Ao Māori principles and practices.