Graduate Profile

Renee Korewha

Renee Korewha - Management

Renee was keen to get a job using the skills and confidence she gained from her Business Management Diploma she completed at the end of 2013. And she has.

Renee trained and now works at Rawene - “I work at two part time positions here at our NorthTec Rawene campus. Our Community Computing Coach left so her job came up and the tutor asked me if I would be interested in it. She put my name forward and I got the job. I also work part time as relief Regional Administrator.”

“It is very satisfying knowing I have the knowledge to be able to help people. A lot of our students are over 50 and it’s cool to watch them ‘click’ when they get something in class. The administration is a bit more of a challenge because I do it part time, so sometimes I’m not up with the particular help someone wants.”

“But overall I love the work. I have local knowledge and I understand our people, so I have compassion for their struggles and can share in celebrating their successes. NorthTec is a real hub for our community and I’m keen to continue here - and to keep learning myself.”

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