Graduate Profile

Ma Krizia Ledesma-Libre

Ma Krizia Ledesma-Libre - Mental Health

Senior Registered Nurse, Waikato District Health Board

Since graduating Krizia has moved into work at Waikato District Health Board with an acute mental health service ward for older persons. She has also completed a Postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and a Master of Nursing at the University of Auckland, graduating in May 2019.
“Studying cognitive behavioural therapy at NorthTec has helped me a lot in terms of my work as a mental health nurse, and with my postgraduate studies. I am more therapeutic and empathetic as a result of this training, and able to establish a good rapport with my clients.”
“I am currently a certified mental health supervisor for mental health nurses where I applied my cognitive behavioural therapy skills, which I learned from Northtec.”
Krizia was a qualified nurse in the Philippines and needed to study to become certified in New Zealand. “I was more into mental health in the Philippines so I decided on this six-month Certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. The certificate gave me an added skill for my profession and enabled me to nurse here, and specialise in mental health.”
“We studied the thoughts, emotions, behaviour, and physiological responses of people and how they interlink. We also learn how to handle our own stresses, deal with anxiety and depression, relate to people, and pursue personal and professional development.”
“The basis of the content is that you are your own therapist and we encourage clients to solve their own problems utilizing CBT techniques. I can apply this to my future nursing patients as well as to family and friends.”
“The NorthTec International Committee went that extra mile to help us with anything. Whangarei is peaceful, clean, and close to nature, and the students were really supportive.
“Thank you NorthTec!”

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