Graduate Profile

Lyn Wade - Biodiversity Management

Lyn Wade - Biodiversity Management

Trustee for Little Barrier Island Supporters’ Trust

What began for Lyn Wade as a step towards being more informed about conservation, has grown into her recent completion of a degree in Applied Science (Bio-Diversity Management.)

Lyn – “I started study in 2007 aiming to do a certificate so I could be better informed in my role as a trustee for Little Barrier Island Supporters’ Trust. I have a fascination and passion for conservation so I looked at part time study options that I could fit around my family commitments and my work as a registered nurse.”

“Even though I live close to Auckland, NorthTec offered the convenience of subjects I could group into two day blocks of part time study compared with an hour here and there through a week. We had small classes and awesome field trips and I got hooked on learning, so I went on to the diploma and then the degree when it became available.”

“I finished my degree in 2014 and I have such a sense of accomplishment. The flexibility of my being able to study at my own pace was also part of the attraction at NorthTec and probably the reason I completed the whole course.”

“I am now Chairperson for Little Barrier Island Supporters Trust, and editing a comprehensive book on Hauturu (alongside Dick Vetich). And, in 2018 I received a QSM for services to conservation in particular for work on Hauturu.”

Lyn chose the subject of streams on Little Barrier Island as her special negotiated study third year project for her degree.
Lyn - “The Auckland Council has since requested information from my study, and a PhD student completed a paper on the Hauturu streams, which has been accepted for the New Zealand Journal of Zoology.”

Lyn created a poster to present the information from her study and was invited to submit the poster to the Entomological Conference in Queenstown in April this year. “The posters submitted are usually from Masters students so it was an honour to be involved - and my poster received the award for second place. I looked at the special place Little Barrier Island has in NZ conservation and was also able to compare my aquatic survey with a similar study done 50 years ago."

“I’m now in my 60s and I want to encourage and inspire older woman to study. I feel a lot of women don’t realise they can go back and study and how exciting it is to follow your passion. My daughter is in her 40s and is has followed my lead, graduating from her degree and is now teaching Science at college level.”