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Lennaa Saunders

Lennaa Saunders - Nursing

Nursing Graduate

Lennaa Saunders loves learning and loves Northland. “I have just graduated as a registered nurse and have already enrolled into a graduate programme to support my work at Whangarei Hospital.”

Lennaa has been accepted for the NETP programme which is a 12 month support programme within the DHB. “Every DHB has a NETP co-ordinator and has a number of positions to fill with new grads each year. I applied through ACE and Northland DHB look favourably on NorthTec trained nurses. You have to stand out in some way regarding wanting to work in your region.”

For Lennaa, wanting to work in Northland was a given. “I’m a born and raised Northlander and wanted to stay here to give back to our region and contribute to making Northlanders healthier.”

Lennaa has a 12 month contract for a .8 fixed term position as a nurse on Ward 16, a general medical ward at Whangarei hospital. “I applied to this ward after working there for my 10 week elective placement in my last term of training. I love it because, as a generic medical ward, there is so much variety making it a brilliant learning environment. Not one day is the same. There is a great team of people working here in an incredibly supportive culture.”

Being part of NETP adds even more support to Lennaa’s first year working as a nurse. “This programme offers you structured support and a preceptor, so there is always someone to talk things over with. The DHB know that we new graduates need support in order to continue to build our skill levels. This supportive environment is important to retain confident, skilled new graduate nurses who are the future work force.”

As part of the NETP programme, Lennaa is also sitting a post graduate paper through Auckland University. “This goes towards my Post Graduate Certificate in Nursing and it opens the pathway for further study as well as professional development. The paper is called N777 and looks at specific conditions within populations relating to my work environment. It involves assignments, a verbal presentation and a clinical examination.”

When Lennaa completes her 12 month work contract she hopes to continue at Whangarei Hospital to gain more experience, but ultimately she would like to travel. “I’m only 22 and there is so much I want to see, learn and experience. The NorthTec Nursing Degree is fantastic because it is a highly regarded internationally recognized qualification.”

“I’d like to do a Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing through Auckland University by correspondence while I am working. I think it is important to be a life time learner and keep abreast with advances and changes within the nursing profession.”

Lennaa feels her NorthTec training has set her up for unlimited options for her future. “Eventually, I want to travel and work and I’m excited about what possibilities may open up. Choosing to study at NorthTec meant I had the convenience of living at home and enjoying the great beaches and environment of Northland. I was also able to work part time and keep up with friends and family here. Plus, I’m not starting my career with a huge student loan.”

“The NorthTec tutors were all fantastic - particularly in their level of support. They were committed, passionate and were readily available to guide us. During the last year the focus was on preparing us for work. This included preparing us for interviews and learning how to present ourselves confidently and professionally.”

Now Lennaa is settling into her new job and looking towards her future. “I’m keen to learn, gain experience, soak up knowledge and take advantage of each and every learning opportunity.”

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