Graduate Profile

Leanne Jackson

Leanne Jackson - Visual Arts

Studying Master of Art and Design

“Art is an area of absolute open enquiry. You can study anything, follow your own interest in living, and express it through artwork.” Leanne Jackson’s journey of enquiry is unfolding through post grad study. 

“I finished my degree in applied arts in Kerikeri at the end of last year and am now doing a master of art and design through AUT. The post grad work is focussed on finding a research question so it’s helping me clarify my direction.  I’m using video and photography as a basis for social action and engagement. This has emerged from creating a video that was selected as a finalist in the Contemporary Art Awards at Waikato Museum, and in that I’m talking directly to the viewer reading a poem I wrote.”

Leanne’ poem is a call to action. “It’s about our entanglement with mass production, mass consumerism, and mass exploitation. I’m interested in how we can free ourselves from that entanglement, and I make a call for the small movement. If we can each take small actions in our immediate community we can make a huge difference.”

“In my time at NorthTec I enjoyed exploring and learning about different media and I used video and photographic components in my graduate show installation. My skills are now multi-facetted so I have lots of ways to manifest and express my ideas.”

Leanne particularly appreciated the critique week that her arts tutors introduced in the course. “The presentation skills I learnt from that have been excellent preparatory ground for my future work and study.”

While Leanne’s immediate future is her post graduate study, she has a longer term vision too. “My ultimate life journey is to live well as an artist. For artists there is often a balance between enjoying and pursuing our art and being able to pay the bills and support the making of our art. Ideally I’d like to be a full time artist earning enough to have a good life. But I also see the value in having part time work that interacts with others and contributes our skills to society in different ways so that our work remains unhampered by financial pressure and compromise.”

“Through my experience at NorthTec I see the real value of regional tertiary training institutions. They bring the community together from far and wide creating mutual support and enthusiasm. This stimulates personal growth as well as community growth and consequently lifts the whole community.”