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Kerrin Taylor - Sports and Recreation

Kerrin Taylor - Sports and Recreation

“I spent most of my adult life unhealthy and overweight. I then got fit and healthy.

I was so inspired by that change that I wanted to help other people make a similar transformation.”

“I looked for training options as my kids got older, and Sport and Recreation was the most relevant. I was keen to include anatomy and physiology and I preferred to stay near Whangarei because I have 7 kids and my family is here.”

“The tutors were absolutely fantastic. They are inspiring and encouraging and are really good examples of people living a healthy lifestyle. They also know their stuff.”

“I liked the practical in the course more than I expected. I was the oldest in my class but I was determined to have a go at everything. Touch rugby was a challenge and so was kayaking in the surf but the other students were a great support.”

“I feel a lot more confident now in my knowledge and in my ability to share it with other people and I can relate in broader ways.”

Kerrin now works full time in what for her is a dream job. “I’m a Green Prescription Co-ordinator for Sport Northland.  We support people with conditions like obesity, diabetes, depression, and heart disease to do physical activity and improve their nutrition.”

“I wanted to help ordinary people of all ages get fitter and healthier and this job is exactly that. The Green Prescription Programme has grown hugely and there are some great success stories.”

“I’m now finishing the degree part time through AUT.”

“Deciding to do some study in an area of interest is a great decision. Look what can happen!”


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