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Jessica Rule

Jessica Rule - Sport and Recreation

Business Owner

“We’re meeting a gap in the fitness market and we get results, so the business just continues to grow.” Jessica Rule runs her personal training business, Results Rule, from a remodelled shed on a rural property near Kerikeri. “Both the business and the premises have evolved but what we do is working.” To validate that, Jessica was awarded Up and Coming Personal Trainer of the Year in the New Zealand Fitness Awards for 2013.

Jessica finished her degree in Sports and Recreation at the end of 2012, and wasn’t landing the jobs she wanted. “I was working part time when a good friend and mentor suggested I create my own business. That seemed too much of a commitment for a 20 year old, so to ease into the idea, I borrowed gear from her for a few months and started as a mobile personal trainer.”

“Because that worked so well, I looked at premises in Kerikeri but the rents were out of reach for a start-up business. Instead I set up a studio in a converted family farm shed, worked part time doing admin for the farm, and now run a thriving personal training business from there.”

“As well as having new gear and premises, we offer a fresh natural environment that people are drawn to and we do some of our training outdoors.  We focus on one-on-one personal training specific to people’s goals, getting them from where they are to where they want to be. They come 1-4 times a week so are totally accountable and they get results quickly. We attract a lot of farmers and rural people who think they are fit but find out that they’re not.”

“We are also child friendly and run a mums’ boot-camp in the domain in town.”

Jessica found great support from her lecturers in her time at NorthTec. “They gave me confidence and believed in what I was doing and we had one-to–one attention in small classes. Being able to stay close to home in Northland was also great. It meant I could come home and earn money in the weekends.”

Jessica already has her eye on further business growth.  “We’ve just started doing personal training in small classes to give a more affordable option, and in commercial places including to staff at a local school. Next year I might also look at doing some post-grad study in business.”

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