Graduate Profile

Jared Wendt - Electrical Engineering

Jared Wendt - Electrical Engineering

Since his time as a student at NorthTec, Jared has moved into work in the refrigeration industry where his electrical engineering studies were an employer requirement, and have combined with on-the-job learning to move him forward in this line of work.

“Doing the electrical course was the best thing I’ve ever done. I came straight from school and it was 10 times better than school. Everything I learned was relevant and the tutors were the best ever. They treated me as an adult.”

Jared needed to do the one-year electrical certificate to learn basics and safety. He benefited from weekly course-related work experience. Now he has a job in the industry and he is looking forward to progressing his career further.

“I don’t know what will open up but refrigeration covers lots of areas of life and can take you all over the world. I’ve told my mates to go to NorthTec. It’s the best thing.”  


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