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Holly Tonkin - Road Transport student

Holly Tonkin - Commercial Transport

“I did the road transport course to further my business. I harvest and prune avocados on contract with my own cherry picker and this gives me a back-up if we hit a bad season. It also gives me entry points into other industries because we get tickets in operating fork lifts, wheel tracks and rollers, and handling dangerous goods, as well as trucking and bus driving. Other trucking courses didn’t have the variety or the value that the NorthTec course has.”
Holly has been able to do the course around her work. “I have especially enjoyed jumping on the digger and driving the truck but I was terrified driving the bus because of its size and blind spots. Luckily there’s not much theory but we cover enough to learn the importance of things like keeping up-to-date log books to avoid big fines.”
“Tackling the challenges has built up my confidence to actually do things. I bought a wide trailer that I had to drive through Auckland and over the harbour bridge. There was only just enough space, but I did it, partly because of the confidence from the course and the tutors.”
Holly wasn’t interested in trucking until the last few years. “My Mum is a dairy farmer and my Dad is a trucker, but I only got interested in trucking after I went out and bought a cherry picker. It’s not considered a woman thing and I got shut down a few times, but business took off so that boosted my confidence.”
“The course has opened the doors for the possibility of expanding my business and offering more services to my customers.”

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