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Gina Brighouse - Applied Business Management

Senior Accountant

“I tossed up between studying architecture or business management here and chose business management because it applies to any industry and can be used in any country.”

But it took Gina seven years to get her degree in applied Business Management. “I did two years full time then went out and got some real world experience. I walked the street and knocked on doors and someone offered me work as a junior in an accountancy office simply because I did that. They paid for my studies and gave me time off so that I could stairs-step from the certificate to other diploma, to the degree.”

Learning isn’t easy for Gina. “I am dyslexic so I have to really put in the hours. I was home-schooled and then did correspondence so even sitting in a classroom was a new experience for me. Initially I started with the degree but I freaked out so went back and started at certificate level. The tutors here were very very helpful. They liked me because I worked hard and they got me lots of extra help.”

After Gina completed her degree she continued to study part time until she became Certified Practising Accountant (CPA). She now works as a senior accountant with a local firm. “Accountancy is a highly sought after skill with a broad application, so getting my degree has given me the security that my skills will always be relevant. I am now broadening my experience, and ultimately I’d like to be a partner in an accounting firm.”

Gina highly recommends that people get some real life experience before settling into study. “It makes what you’re learning real and gives your student life more balance.”

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