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Dylan Merritt - Young Bootcamp Leader and Personal Trainer At Award Winning Studio

Dylan Merritt - Sport and Recreation

Programme Leader and Trainer at Activ8

Dylan Merritt says his job satisfaction comes from seeing the smiles on people’s faces as they improve their personal fitness and their lifestyles. Dylan leads bootcamps and personal training sessions at Whangarei’s award winning fitness studio, Activ8.

Dylan - “We make the studio feel like a family-friendly environment with an emphasis on fun, and the trainers here are really positive towards every client. The fitness programmes are always different for the clients every time they come in for their session. Activ8 has won several New Zealand fitness awards, including being the best fitness studio nationwide two times in a row, and the best group training nationwide too. It’s a rewarding place to work.”

Dylan has been one of the programme leaders at Activ8 since finishing his Diploma in Sport and Recreation at NorthTec in 2012. “I looked around gyms in Whangarei and this place was looking for trainers for their bootcamps. We often run the bootcamps in parks, sometimes with no gear, and they are for anyone who wants to get fit. Fitter people can work side by side with those who are not as fit, and personal training sessions are designed around the client’s goals. Other fitness providers may choose to only use weights and machines, but here at Activ8 we create fun and dynamic exercises using bodyweight or added weights to best suit the client’s goals and needs. Some work one-on-one, some work two-on-one in couples, and some in small groups. It’s awesome seeing the lifestyle changes that come from people’s hard work. These are changes that often then affect a whole family.”

Dylan found that his NorthTec training gave him confidence to step into his fitness leadership role. “Most of the stuff we learnt at NorthTec is very applicable to my work now. As students in personal training, we worked with NorthTec tutors to learn the art of having natural conversation while keeping to a scheduled programme. We also did a lot of anatomy so we can create exercises around a client’s injury limitations.”

At just 21 years old, Dylan has no fixed path planned for his career journey but is keen to see what might unfold. “I like the idea of one day having my own fitness studio, but for now I’m getting great experience in a great place - and putting smiles on people’s faces.”

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