Graduate Profile

Desiree Norman

Desiree Norman - Business Administration

The business administration and computing course has proved its worth for Desiree, who since graduation has quickly progressed through to a store manager position with Dick Smith in Takapuna.

“My NorthTec studies have played a huge part towards me getting my foot in the door. The knowledge I gained, as well as the qualification, really helped me move up the management ladder as quickly as I have.”

On finishing the NorthTec course in 2013, Desiree’s dream job was to become CEO of a retail franchise, and it seems she is now well on her way. From NorthTec she went into a part-time sales job with Dick Smith, Waipapa, and began a retail apprenticeship with the company.

“I became a key-holder in the Waipapa store, meaning I could open and close the store alone, and was then promoted to a sales manager. A couple of months later I moved to Auckland, as I was placed into the store manager training programme, and I am now a store manager.”

“I currently run Dick Smith, Takapuna. However this is not the end for me. I plan on taking more and more steps until I have reached the top. The next step I wish to take will be to become a regional manager.”