Graduate Profile

Carolyn Knowles-Phillips

Carolyn Knowles-Phillips - Weaving (Raranga)

The raranga course at NorthTec built Carolyn’s knowledge and expanded her involvement in her community and the weaving process. Of particular value was the requirement that students go out and teach raranga.

“Within the course we had to go out and teach someone. I went to the Kura in Kaikohe. Since graduating I have been going out and doing wānanga and workshops, and teaching the children. I help when uniforms are needed too.

“I began the course as a first-time weaver, but have always been drawn to the materials. They are a part of nature. Harvesting and working with the materials helps with our inner and outer balance. I’ve always acknowledged Mother Nature when I’m harvesting anything and just naturally say a karakia. The course deepened and broadened that process.

“The course system of learning was very effective from harvest to the point of making, and gave me the opportunity to learn all these processes in depth, it has been very beneficial.”

Carolyn is realising her goal to combine teaching with a raranga workshop at home.