Graduate Profile

Bob Mare - Commercial Transport

Bob Mare - Commercial Transport

“I’m a qualified welder and was working fulltime making trailers when my work was reduced to part time. I heard on National Radio that there was a shortage of drivers and I’m used to working with engines and steel so I decided to come back NorthTec and do the transport course. I had previously done an engineering course here and I like the environment.”

“The quality of the tutoring was priceless and so much more than I expected. It opened my mind and has changed my life and I did well in class. We got several tickets including forklift driving, tracks, rollers, dangerous goods, Class II licence and First Aid and the tutor kept changing things on us so we would get used to the flexibility that is needed in transport.”

“To get driving experience I came down to TranzNorth and worked during my holiday breaks. There is so much to learn in transport and it’s a long process to get familiar with identifying product, safe loads, the paperwork and just doing the seat time.”

“I figured that if I didn’t get work after the course I’d go back to welding but now I’ve got a permanent job here at TranzNorth and this is so much better. I love getting out and about and each delivery is an accomplishment.”

“The other students in my course were fully involved in their learning and I recommend anyone who wants to better themselves or upskill looks at what’s available at NorthTec.”

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