Graduate Profile

Alicia Schultz - First Line Management

Alicia Schultz - First Line Management

Service Co-ordinator

“I am so much more confident at giving instructions at work and at getting resolution in any conflicted situations. The course has really helped me come out of my shell and communicate at work in ways that are effective.”

“I’d been in our company for a while, starting as the parts girl, when I was offered a service role that involved giving instructions. The opportunity came through to enrol for the First Line course and my bosses were ready to support me in that. It involved three block days a month.”

“It was really daunting to walk into a classroom of people I didn’t know. I am naturally shy and I was also a full-time working new Mum at the time, but the tutors created a relaxing environment and made each of us feel comfortable.”

“Public speaking, being involved in discussions, and doing role play, were a real stretch for me but with encouragement and constructive feedback I was able to push past my limits  and gain a lot of self-confidence by the experience.”

“I went there very nervous as to whether I could pass. It really surprised me that one of the tutors sorted out a scholarship for me that paid for the course. It boosted my confidence to know someone had taken an interest in me and wanted me to succeed.”

“Now that I am performing at a good level in my Service Co-ordinator role taking calls and organizing the day for our three engineers, I will try for the Service Manager’s role here. This would be more of an H.R. role involving trainings, induction, and handling the pay roll and discipline issues. I understand more now about dealing with different personalities and am better at responding with an appropriate mix of compassion and firmness. I’ll keep giving it my all because I know that gets results.”

“As I progress I may take the H.R course at NorthTec. I’ll highly recommend NorthTec to anyone as a great place to be and to study – whatever the course.”