Graduate Profile

Aichun Zhong

Aichun Zhong - English Language

“I wanted to come to New Zealand so I had to learn English.” Aichun was in High School in China before starting the NorthTec English language course. Her father is thinking of coming to New Zealand and language and culture would be an issue for him so Aichun and her younger brother have come get a head start.

“A friend of my father’s has lived in Whangarei for 20 years and he says New Zealand is a good place because of its education, environment, and people. This contact gave me
the opportunity to come here. We’re from a small town so Whangarei is good for us.”

Taking the course here was a huge challenge for Aichun because she has never left home before. Aichun enjoyed being part of the student community at NorthTec.

“I learned a lot, not just knowledge, also life. There were many great teachers, and the students as well as the teachers were very friendly.”

Since her graduation, Aichun has taken an international tourism management course in Auckland.

“The NorthTec course made it possible for me to take on the challenge of further studies to advance my business goals.”

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