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Aaron Hooper - Applied Management graduate

Aaron Hooper - Applied Management

Partner at MAQ Chartered Accountant

“After 20 years in the banking industry I wanted a change. I was concerned that I didn’t have a degree so was more susceptible to the ebb and flow of the tides of employment. We have a young family so I wanted to secure their future, plus I made a decision to move away from the corporate world. We sold a house in Auckland which enabled funding for me to do the degree.”
Aaron Hooper was surprised at how easy the tutors made it for him as a mature student to re-enter study. “The processes were so streamlined and the tutors are so accessible and passionate about their subject.”
They can also be challenging. Aaron - “They challenged us sometimes to change our way of thinking. As part of the course we had to audit a small business. This forced us out of our comfort zone because we had to create new relationships and networks which were part of building our future.”
Aaron completed his Bachelor of Applied Management in 2014 and is now a Partner at MAQ Chartered Accounting. “What we learned is very practical in terms of everyday business use. I’m directly applying the financial accounting, management, and taxation that we studied.”
“I was 39 when I started my study so my career path has been different from most. I’ve learnt that we’re never too old to change, to learn, and to progress. Don’t let age ever become a barrier.”

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