Graduate Profile

Walter Ching

Walter Ching - Applied Arts

World TV Group, Korean Television

Walter was studying video production in a vocational school in China when he found out about the possibility of studying at NorthTec. “It is almost impossible to get a degree if you study in a vocational school, so I remember after I got accepted into that school, my grandfather said to us at the dining table, ‘It seems like we will not have anyone in our family who can gain a degree.’ There were about 10 seconds of silence, and no one said a word. Having one of his grandsons earn a degree was one of my grandfather’s wishes, but my brother and I failed his expectations.”

“Then just over three years ago, some people from NorthTec, which has a partnership with our school in China, visited our school and offered us an opportunity to study in New Zealand with the chance of graduating with a degree. I decided to make the most of that opportunity.”

“I wasn’t a hardworking student in China, but when I was accepted for NorthTec, I decided to study hard really hard - for myself, my parents, and my grandfather. I wasn’t sure I could make it, but three years later I stood on the stage at graduation and was surprised and honoured to have been selected to give the Valediction speech.”

“Before I could do my degree, I got level 4 certification in English, but writing essays was still a challenge for me. I had great support from one of the international tutors here to help me through this. An interesting difference I enjoy here compared to China, is that we get to choose a topic to focus on, so in my last year I chose film. I made a short film about international students feeling isolated living and studying in another country. I spoke to several of my friends to get the content for the film, plus I had a lot of support from our tutors.”

“Our tutors also helped us network with industry and I was able to get freelance work with some local video production and TV companies so I’ve gained amazing experiences and some excellent skills in camera operating and editing.

“The best part about studying at NorthTec was the environment. The campus is quiet and beautiful and I think that gave me the ability of being the best of myself while I was studying.

“The Applied Arts degree at NorthTec is great, it gives you the ability to maximise your imagination and creativity, and you can develop your skills and get the best out of yourself. The tutors gave me a lot of help while I was studying and the best part was that I learnt targeted skills that the industry required.

“I liked the freedom when I was studying at NorthTec, we could choose a specific topic we loved and pursue it in our third year. I am passionate about filmmaking and directing. I’ve always wanted to create a good film. I believe a meaningful story could help the world and help to change people’s perspectives.

“Throughout my studies, every accomplishment I made really motivated me. When I finished creating my first short film, I wanted to achieve more, I decided to become a successful director in the future.

“Now working in the art industry at World TV Group, Korean Television - it is tough. However, I am glad I am able to express myself and different ideas in my own work.”

I’m a lot more confident now and my English has improved a massive amount in the time I’ve been in New Zealand. Thank you NorthTec for this fantastic opportunity and support.”

“Grandpa, I want to tell you this. I have completed my degree and graduated. Your grandson has made it. I didn’t let you down."